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Business Logo Tumbler with QR Code

Business Logo Tumbler with QR Code

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Gorgeous 20 oz business logo tumbler with QR code. These will come with your logo on them and a QR code. Please upload a CLEAR photo of your logo, preferably transparent background. We will not be able to make changes to the logo you upload.

Choose from a regular 20 oz tumbler, a tumbler with snack lid at the top, or a water bottle tumbler. All tumblers come with plastic lid and straw. Snack tumblers come with the snack part at the top and water bottle ones come with a water bottle top, a regular tumbler top, and a straw.

TAT is 7-10 business days after ordering.

The tumbler in the image is one I made for myself. Your’s would have your logo on it with just your logo and your QR code.

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